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3 Things to Consider When Choosing Eyeglasses

3 Things to Consider When Choosing Eyeglasses

Apr 16, 2019

There are people that don’t like glasses for various reasons. Trying on frames is time consuming, but it’s important to find out what looks good on you. When picking glasses at Yorkdale Eyecare with our optometrist near you, consider these 3 points regarding your face shape:

  • Glasses should accentuate your best feature
  • Frames should be contrast to your face shape
  • Frames should be scaled to match your face size

Basic Face Shapes

When you visit an optometrist in Toronto, ON, you will see several options when it comes to glasses. There are several different frames to choose from, so it is important to make the best choice for your eyewear. When considering frames, think of how well they go along with your face. There are several different shapes of faces – let’s take a look at some of them below and discover what would be best for you from an optometrist in M6A 3A1.

  • Oval – This Is Considered To Be An Ideal Shape With Balanced Proportions. To Balance This Shape Out, Use Frames That Are Wider Than The Broadest Part Of The Face
  • Base Up Triangle – These faces are wider at the top, and frames with wider bottoms that are lighter in color can be used to minimize the top of the face. Wireless glasses may also help.
  • Oblong – Oblong faces are long, with straight lines in the cheeks and long noses. Frames should have more depth than they have width, and decorative colors can be used to widen the face.
  • Diamond – The narrow eye and jawlines look great with glasses that are oval, rimless, or have a cat eye shape.
  • Round – Round faces should be elongated with thinner glasses that look more angular.
  • Base Down Triangle

After you book an appointment with our optometrist in Toronto, ON, you will be able to get the corrective lenses needed to perform all of the daily tasks you need to in your life. Knowing the type of frames that complement your face makes it much easier to feel confident in your glasses and choose the best option for your eyewear.

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