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5 Thing You Need to Know About Laser Eye Surgery

5 Thing You Need to Know About Laser Eye Surgery

Apr 01, 2020

Technology has come a long way in improving the quality of life for human beings. Every advancement and innovation become a solution to human problems. In the medical field, technology has allowed for expert intervention in different quarters of the body, even the eyes. A great example is laser eye surgery in North York. Could be this the remedy to all your eye-related problems?

What Is Laser Eye Surgery?

It is a refractive eye treatment that involves a surgical procedure to treat different types of eye conditions. Most laser surgery procedures for the eyes work by reshaping the cornea of the eye. The impact of this is that it improves how the light enters the eye. In turn, the light properly hits the retina, which then improves vision.

There are many types of laser eye surgery in Yorkdale Eye Care. However, the most common one today in LASIK. This is an acronym for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis.

Do You Need Laser Eye Surgery?

As an optometrist near you may have already told you, the surgery can work on a myriad of eye conditions. It can treat conditions ranging from myopia and hyperopia to astigmatism.

For all these procedures, you need a thorough eye exam. The exam will help find out any underlying health conditions that might interfere with your surgery. It is why you must consult an optometrist in North York, ON, before any laser eye surgery. This will help your doctor determine which laser eye surgery could work best for you. If you cannot have LASIK, you may be a good candidate for other surgeries like LASEK, PRK, or phakic IOL.

What Are Some Facts You Should Know About Laser Eye Surgery?

Before subscribing to any idea, let alone treatment, you must gather sufficient information. Learning more about laser eye surgery can help you make a more informed decision on which treatment to consider. Besides, it will help calm your nerves when you are ready for the treatment. Consider the following 5 facts as the core of laser eye surgeries:

  1. It is a fast procedure – you will be shocked at how quickly your doctor will be done with your surgery when lasers are involved. The technology works fast and efficiently on your eyes. In 15 minutes or so, your doctor may be done with working on both of your eyes.
  2. It is a painless procedure – laser technology offers precision when operating on the human body. The precision reduces any spillage that might damage the surrounding cells. This also means that your optometrist will be working on the exact target area he/she intends to. However, your doctor will give you numbing eye drops, and perhaps a sedative medication. These will help you remain relaxed during your procedure while alleviating any discomfort. Better yet, with LASIK treatment, topical anesthetic drops are enough for after the treatment. You will not require any stitching or bandages for your eyes afterward.
  3. Contact lenses are not your best friend – right before your procedure begins, your doctor will ask about your eye care techniques. If you have been wearing contacts, you may have to wait about 2 weeks before your procedure. The reason is that contact lenses can wear off and distort the natural shape of your cornea. This becomes a great undoing for laser eye surgery treatment. Besides, soon after your procedure, you will realize that you will not need contact lenses or even eyeglasses. Your vision will be totally fine without any external aid.
  4. Immediate eye vision improvement – as soon as your treatment is over, your vision will have improved. The results, however, continue improving and stabilizing with time. In a few days after your surgery, you will be shocked at how clear your vision will be.
  5. Post-operative discomfort is not strange – having that you are recovering from a surgical procedure, it is not strange to experience some discomfort. This can be in the form of itchiness in your eyes or a slight burning sensation. This is usually temporary and short-lived. Haziness may also occur, immediately after the surgery. The effects, are only evident immediately after your doctor is done working on you. For some patients, the effects will stretch off a little longer. With a few hours of rest, all the discomfort wears off. By the next morning, your results will already be better, and the discomfort is gone.
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