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5 Types Of Eye And Vision-Related Problems

5 Types Of Eye And Vision-Related Problems

Sep 01, 2019

There’s no denying the fact that your eyes are one of the most important parts of the body. No one could imagine a life without vision. Most of the people these days face some of the common eye problems and diseases. These problems may occur due to various reasons such as pollution, harmful rays of the Sun, and overuse of electrical gadgets, less nutrition in your diet and many other factors.

While some eye problems might be curable at home others turn into serious problems for which you might need to visit a specialist. An eye specialist is called an Optometrist. So, if you are facing any serious problem related to your eye or vision you might consider visiting an Optometrist. Yorkdale Eye Center has the best team of Optometrist in Toronto. The compassionate team at Yorkdale which is one of the best eye clinics in Toronto recognizes your eye/vision problems and helps in curing them.

We have prepared a list of 5 most common types of eye or vision problems. Check if any of these sounds familiar and if you are affected by any of these:

  • Red Eyes: In this eye problem, the eyes look bloodshot. This causes irritation and irritation in the eyes due to which the blood vessels on the eye surface expand. This causes them to look red. There might be various reasons for red eyes such as strain in the eyes, restlessness, injury or something getting inside the eye. If you are facing this problem, visit the optometrist near you because red eyes might also be a symptom of conjunctivitis or any other serious eye or vision-related problems.

  • Colorblindness: A situation when your vision does not allow you to see beyond black and white colors is called Colorblindness. You will not be able to see colors such as Red, Blue, Pink, Green, etc. When the color cells in your eyes do not function, you become colorblind. This situation might occur due to various reasons such as drugs and other diseases. For those who are born with color blindness, even an eye specialist cannot help. But for those who developed this later, it might be treated by an optometrist in Toronto ON at Yorkdale Eye Center.

  • Cataract: When a cloudy cover or sheet-like develops on the eye lens, this situation is called Cataract. This vision-related problem is common among old age people. The cataract slowly starts forming over the eye lens. As this might severely affect your vision, it can be cured by a surgery that could be performed by an optometrist near you.

  • Glaucoma: When the pressure insides your eyes increase to such an extent that it damages the optic nerve, it leads to a condition called Glaucoma. Glaucoma can be of various types. In general, Glaucoma is caused either by an injury, blockage in the blood vessels or due to an infection or inflammation in the eye. This damages the vision of a person and must be treated as soon as possible.

  • Dry Eyes: A situation when the eyes are not able to make good-quality tears inside the eye is commonly known as Dry eyes. Dry eyes absorb the moisture of your eye and make them dry and itchy. You might feel a burning sensation in your eye. This may even lead to loss of vision in extreme situations. This might be treated by a good eye specialist or using various techniques, such as:

  • Using prescribed eye drops
  • Adopting a procedure named Lipiflow that treats dry eyes by using heat and pressure
  • Using Testosterone eyelid cream
  • Consuming healthy and nutritional supplements such as Omega-3.

Before the condition becomes worse and you get the dry eye disease, visit an eye specialist and get your eyes treated.

The importance of vision and considering the various complications you might face, it becomes very important to give your eyes enough care and attention. Consume food materials which are good for your vision. Use sunglasses while you are under the Sun or even in polluted areas.

For more advice and help concerning any of your eye or vision-related problems, visit Yorkdale Eye Center, Optometrist M6A 3A1 which is the best optometrist in Toronto ON.

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