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6 Reasons Glasses Are Better Than Contacts

6 Reasons Glasses Are Better Than Contacts

Apr 12, 2019

Glasses used to be the only option for correcting vision, but now there are contacts and even laser surgery that allows you to see clearly. Yorkdale Eyecare understands the importance of having options, but glasses are the option we will recommend to most patients for several good reasons.

Anyone can wear glasses

Not each person can wear contacts, especially young children or people with dry eye symptoms as well as allergies. If individuals have astigmatism, contacts can be difficult to wear comfortably. However, glasses can be worn by anyone regardless of their age or eye issue.

They are much safer

Your optometrist in Toronto, ON recommends glasses to reduce the risk of debris getting between your contact lens and eye. You also make more contact with your eye, increasing the potential of introducing bacteria and irritating the eye.

Comfort is increased

Glasses from your optometrist in Toronto, ON, will not dry your eyes out the way contacts do. This can be an even bigger issue if you use a computer throughout the day. This happens because they block air from making contact with your eyes, while glasses do not block air flow at all.

Add style to your outfits

When it comes to fashion, glasses can look trendy and add flair to your look. You can use your eyewear from an optometrist near you to make a statement, whether you want to appear bold or sophisticated. You won’t be limited, either – you can wear different glasses to match any outfit.

Very low maintenance required

All you need to maintain your glasses is a case and a cloth to keep them clean. However, contacts require much more work – contact solution, backup contacts, a case, and glasses for when you remove your contacts.

More cost-effective

Glasses near you from an optometrist in M6A 3A1 can last several years before they need to be replaced. As long as your prescription is the same, then you can use your glasses consistently. Contacts need to be replaced much more often, making them more expensive.

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