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7 Important Advantages Of Comprehensive Eye Examination

7 Important Advantages Of Comprehensive Eye Examination

Dec 03, 2021

Importance of Eye Health

The eye is one of the five sensory organs, and it is responsible for sight and vision. The eyes are composed of the cornea, pupil, iris, lens, retina, optic nerve, and tear ducts.

The cornea is the front layer of the eye. It has the shape of a dome and works by bending the light entering the eye. The pupil is the black dot in the center of the eye that expands in dim light and shrinks in bright light.

The iris is the muscle that controls the size of the pupil and the amount of light that enters the eyes. The lens is behind the iris and pupil. It helps to focus the light that enters your eye together with the cornea. The lens brings the image to a sharp focus allowing you to see details.

The retina is a layer of tissue, and it transforms the light coming into the eye into electrical signals. These signals are sent to the brain by the optic nerve.

Tear ducts, even though rarely talked about, help to keep your eyes moist and protect your eyes from irritation and infection. Every part of the eye helps make you see. Therefore, your eyes should be treated with utmost care.

That is because there are a lot of conditions that can cause eye defects and diseases that can affect your vision. These conditions include damage to the eyes from injuries, illnesses, development disorders, aging, refractive errors, infections, etc.

To keep healthy eyes and prevent diseases and defects, you should wear sunglasses in the sun, exercise regularly, avoid smoking, eat healthy food, take safety precautions at work or during sports, and most importantly, go for a regular comprehensive eye examination in North York, ON.

Comprehensive Eye Exam Procedure

A comprehensive eye exam includes a series of tests carried out by an optometrist in North York, ON, for a complete evaluation of your vision and eye health. Your eyes are the most complex organs in your body, and they are one of the most important.

Several eye diseases affect your vision and can make you blind or severely impair your vision. Comprehensive eye exams help prevent these defects and diseases or discover them at their earliest stage to manage or even cure them before they can cause any real damage.

Therefore it is recommended that you go for regular comprehensive eye exams once a year at a clinic offering eye care near you.

You may ask, however, what is a comprehensive eye exam and why is it important?

The following are some standard tests you may encounter during a comprehensive eye exam:

  • Patient Background and History: Information collected from the answers you give to your eye doctor can help the optometrist know what to look for and determine the preventive eye care measures that can keep your eyes healthy for years.
  • Tonometry: Glaucoma can cause loss of vision and even blindness. Therefore, tonometry is a test to detect glaucoma by measuring the pressure inside your eye or IOP (Intraocular Pressure).
  • Visual Acuity: This test helps to measure your vision using an eye chart. It is a preliminary test that tells how you can see in each eye. However, it cannot give a prescription for corrective lenses.
  • Pupil Dilation: Your eye doctor might dilate your eyes to enlarge your pupils and give a better view of certain parts of the back of your eye.
  • Color Blindness: During a comprehensive eye exam, a test is carried out to check color vision to rule out color blindness.

7 Important Benefits Of Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Here are the important benefits of a comprehensive eye examination:

  • It can help to detect other serious health problems.
  • Being a preventive healthcare procedure, it can save you money in the long run
  • It helps to get ahead of and prevent issues that cause loss of vision.
  • It helps to protect your eyes and visual system.
  • Comprehensive eye exams can help to provide insight for your eye care
  • It can help to correct any issues with your vision.
  • It helps to assess your risks of developing dental diseases, and it prevents them.

If you are looking for Comprehensive Eye Examinations in North York, ON, you can book an appointment with Yorkdale Eyecare for professional eyecare treatments.

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