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What is Digital Retinal Imaging Procedure & What Are Its Benefits?
Jun 01, 2022

Although you can not see the back of your eyes, an optometrist can. With the use of digital retinal imaging,…

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5 Important Eye Care Tips For Preventing Dry Eyes
May 01, 2022

Causes of Dry Eye Problem Most people think of dry eyes as a minor inconvenience. However, anything that concerns your…

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Why Pediatric Eye Examinations are Essential for Your Little Ones?
Mar 01, 2022

The need for routine eye exams for young children is oftentimes overlooked by parents as they assume the child is…

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How to Choose the Right Eyeglasses for your Face
Feb 01, 2022

Selecting your pair of glasses is crucial. You should always look and feel good, even when actively involved in sports…

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Contact Lens Fitting: Prescription & Procedure
Jan 01, 2022

What are Contact Lenses? Contact lenses are an alternative to glasses for patients who need prescription lenses to see clearly.…

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7 Important Advantages Of Comprehensive Eye Examination
Dec 03, 2021

Importance of Eye Health The eye is one of the five sensory organs, and it is responsible for sight and…

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