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Pediatric Eye Examination: How to Protect Your Child’s Vision
Jan 01, 2021

A pediatric eye exam assesses your child’s eye health by a pediatric optometrist or pediatric ophthalmologist. Optometrists are well-trained and…

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Refractive Eye Surgery: Is It Right for Everyone?
Dec 01, 2020

A refractive and laser surgery, also commonly referred to as vision correction surgery, is a surgical procedure used to correct…

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A Clearer Picture on the Use and Types of Visual Field Exams
Nov 01, 2020

Visual field testing refers to eye examinations done to detect any dysfunction in peripheral and central vision caused by medical…

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Explaining Digital Retinal Imaging and the Reasons for the Test
Oct 01, 2020

Digital retinal imaging is recommended by the Optometrist in North York, ON, to take a digital image of the back…

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What’s Included in a Comprehensive Eye Exam?
Sep 01, 2020

A doctor of optometry performs a comprehensive eye exam, which is an integral part of preventive healthcare. An eye exam…

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Switching from Glasses to Contact Lens: What Are the Benefits and Downsides?
Aug 07, 2020

Do you want to make a switch from glasses to contact lenses? You are not alone for considering doing so…

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