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How You Can Protect Your Child From Becoming So Nearsighted?

How You Can Protect Your Child From Becoming So Nearsighted?

Jul 01, 2019

Nearsightedness which is also known as Myopia is a common eye condition. However, the exact cause of the disease is still not known. Some say that it can be because of the hereditary factors. If both parents are nearsighted and had to wear glasses throughout the childhood, the child may suffer from myopia.

It is still not known if the disease is preventable, but some recent research can get you a little closer to discovering an answer. According to the optometrist near Toronto, ON, there is an important ongoing research on myopia prevention and some forms of treatment are being found which may help in slowing the rate of worsening myopia in childhood and reduce the total amount of myopia. However, still there is no way of preventing it altogether, says optometrist Toronto.

Some researchers have been investigating new lens designs to see if they can develop contact lenses or eyeglasses which can control myopia and slow the progression of nearsightedness in children.

The atropine eye drops are known for slowing the rate of progression by approximately 60% with some individual variability. The atropine drop may have some side effects such as light sensitivity and reduced near vision. The optometrist in Toronto explains that the severity of the side effects can be reduced by using a low dose of the drop. This is just an alternative and not a treatment. Always consult your optometrist before using any kind of medications.

Orthokeratology is the use of gas permeable rigid contact lens worn at the night time for reshaping the cornea. The treatment also slows down the progression of myopia by almost 50%, says the optometrist in Toronto, ON. It has also been said that parents should make sure that their child spends significant time outdoors to slow the myopia progression.

If you have any questions related to the child’s nearsightedness and if the treatment is beneficial for them, you must schedule an appointment with optometrist in M6A 3A1 for your child and the optometrist would discuss about the condition and suggest you the right treatment.

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