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Contact Lens Fitting: Prescription & Procedure

Contact Lens Fitting: Prescription & Procedure

Jan 01, 2022

What are Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses are an alternative to glasses for patients who need prescription lenses to see clearly. In addition, they offer greater flexibility and versatility, and more variety.

Specific tests will determine your prescription because the strength of contact lenses is different from the lenses on glasses.

Contact Lens Fitting & Assessment

Contact lens fitting and assessment are essential for any contact lens examination. Unlike prescription lenses in glasses, contact lenses sit directly on the cornea’s surface and float on a thin layer of the tear film.
If you are getting contact lenses for the first time, the fitting procedure may be uncomfortable. However, it is a painless process to ensure that you get the correct contact lens that fits you perfectly and enables you to wear them without any complications.

Contact Lens Procedure

You may feel relieved if you know what to expect during the appointment. Below is the information you need to know about the contact lens wearing process.

Contact Lens Prescription

There are different contact lenses. Your optometrist determines which lens is best for you by evaluating your lifestyle. It’s also critical to know if you have any allergies since these may affect your eyes.
You will choose how often you want to change your contact lenses. Gone are the days when the lenses must be soaked in the solution every night, although many patients still prefer long-wear lenses. You can also opt for disposable lenses, which are convenient.
Other choices include rigid breathable lenses or soft lenses. Fixed lenses are often recommended for patients with corneal abnormalities because they help the cornea maintain its natural shape. However, your optometrist will discuss the best option for you.
A vision test will determine the resolution of your contact lens that provides good vision. Then, your doctor can prescribe contact lenses for you.
The prescription will specify the lens power, curvature (base curve), lens diameter, and lens name and manufacturer. For GP contact lenses, your optometrist may also include other specifications.

Taking Measurements

Eyes come in various sizes and shapes, and there is no universal contact lens for everyone. If your corneal curve is flat or too steep, contact lenses are not suitable for wearing. They may fall off or damage your eyes.
Your optometrist will measure your eyes to determine your most suitable lens. The exact way to measure may vary. Some optometrists use handheld devices (such as keratometers) to measure the corneal curve. Laser technology creates detailed maps of the eye’s surface to recognize the shape of the cornea.

Tear Film Evaluation

To wear contact lenses efficiently, you must have a healthy tear film on your eyes. It keeps your lenses hydrated and ensures that they stay comfortable on your eyes without causing stiffness, irritation, or dryness. Tear film evaluation is a simple, painless process. Your optometrist places a unique piece of paper on the lower eyelid to monitor the formation of the tear film.

Trial Lenses

At first, you will fit trial lenses to make sure they are the right choice for you. These will not have your prescription but are only used to check the position of the lens and how well it fits your eyes. Next, you will blink and move your eyes around to ensure that the lenses work properly with exercise and are comfortable for you to wear.
If your optometrist is satisfied with this, you can order actual contact lenses. The Yorkdale optometrist will also evaluate them to be comfortable when they arrive.

Try Contact Lens in North York, ON

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Are you wondering if contact lenses are right for you? We are happy to provide advice. We can discuss the benefits and how to wear them correctly. Our Yorkdale optometrist offers you a variety of contact lenses to choose from, whether you are looking for monthly lenses, daily lenses, or contact lenses for sleeping. Book your appointment Now!

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