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Digital Eye Strain

Digital Eye Strain

May 16, 2019

Individual often face issues of dry eyes or eye fatigue etc. As per optometrist in Toronto ON, these common problems may occur due to eye strain issues. Excess blue light exposure or continuously staring at the digital device can cause such issues. If you experience any symptoms of eye strain, you must consult optometrist at Toronto for precautions and suggestions.

Some symptoms of digital eye strain:

There are general symptoms that can let you that you suffering from the issue of Digital Eye Strain. These symptoms can be:

  • Mild or severe headaches, quite frequently
  • Blurred vision after viewing digital device for few hours
  • Sudden eye irritation
  • Frequent eye fatigue and laziness
  • Dry eyes due to excess stress on eyes
  • Immediate stinging or burning sensation in eyes
  • Excessive blinking

In any of such symptoms, you can consult an expert optometrist in Toronto. He may suggest necessary precautions and actions that you must take to keep your eye free from any type of digital eye strain issues.

Ways to treat your eyes

An optometrist at M6A 3A1 can suggest few ways to prevent digital eye strain and this can be:

  • Make sure to keep a digital screen at least an arm’s length away from the eyes.
  • You must keep the brightness of your digital screen same as the brightness of room light.
  • Avoid using digital screen in a dark room.
  • Choose glasses with suggestion from optometrist in Toronto ON. He may suggest Blue Light Blocker or Anti-Reflective Coating glasses.
  • Blink your eyes every 20 minutes for 20 seconds to give it a break

Consult an optometrist

One must not ignore any of the above symptoms of digital eye strain. It is essential to detect such symptoms as early as possible so that right treatment can be obtained before the issue exceeds. Sometimes, individuals are unable to detect symptoms of eye strain at right time but an expert can help identify this. In case you feel any such symptoms you must make a visit to optometrist near you.

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