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Eye Exams: 5 Reasons Why You Need Them

Eye Exams: 5 Reasons Why You Need Them

Jan 01, 2020

There is more to taking care of your eyes than ensuring that you have a clear vision. While it counts to ensure you do not have blurry vision, the eye has various components that all need to be cared for, for optimal health. It is why a Toronto optometrist will suggest regular eye checkups to keep up with your eyes’ health.

The eye is a delicate organ. It is the little things that keep it nourished and in great shape. This means that things like tears and oil glands cannot be taken for granted in eyecare. Perhaps, the question should be, when did you last get your eyes checked?

5 Reason Why You Need to Visit Eye Examination Center

Emphasizing on eye exams in Toronto is not just something that optometrist do to get their lives busy. There is a distinctive difference between a patient that has regular exams with one that does not. If you have never considered the regular eye exams useful, it might be because you do not know about the underlying benefits linked to the benefits. Here are some top five reasons why you need to schedule an eye examination as soon as possible:

  • To fight myopia – the cases of myopia among patients is increasing at a very high rate. Children are getting the disorder very early in their lives, increasing their chances of suffering more eye damage in the future. Myopia is an eye condition that causes nearsightedness. The greatness challenge there is today is that more and more kids are suffering from this eye disorder at a very young age, and their parents are not even aware. The even bigger problem is that the progression of nearsightedness worsens with age, for such kids. With frequent eye exams, your doctor will detect the problem very early in life, and begin the countermeasures to control the progression of the disease. This will take away the need to fight the disorder in an advanced stage.
  • For your overall health – did you know that a doctor can tell a lot about your health based on the state of your eyes? Serious health conditions like blood pressure issues, diabetes, among others, are first identified through the eyes. A routine eye exam might only be that for you. However, an optometrist is qualified to detect other underlying health problems. The retina of the eye provides more information about your body than just about your eyes. The retina is rich in blood vessels that are indicative of every other blood vessel’s health in your system. Find out more about your cholesterol level, diabetes, blood pressure problems, as well as signs of cancer. Besides that, that eye exam can help you learn more about why you have had migraine headaches.
  • Eye maintenance – like any other part of your body the eyes require frequent maintenance. The eyes are very sensitive, yet are frequently exposed to different stimuli in the environment. Naturally, the eye should protect itself from most of the harm from the external surrounding. However, it is not a guarantee that your eyes can take care of themselves without reinforcement regular eye exams are the one way to ensure that the health of your eye is taken care of, with perfect balance. Remember that the fluids in your eyes can change in quality and quality, based on different stimuli, whether hormonal imbalance or environmental factors. You must very much consider the effects of screen time, poor sleeping patterns, environmental hazards, among other external factors, as sabotaging to eye health. In that case, consider a routine eye exam as your way of nourishing and maintaining your eyes in an optimal state.
  • For good vision – this is perhaps the most common reason for requiring eye exams. The vision of your eyes can be compromised at any stage of life, regardless of age. Routine eye exams help ensure that your eyes are performing as they should and that your vision is not compromised. Besides, you need a great vision to perform well and effectively in life.
  • Updating your eye prescription – for those people with eye problems, there are different medications offered. This means that your eye prescription is paramount for your proper vision. If you have eyeglasses or contact lenses, then, regular eye exams should become a habit of yours.
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