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How Refractive Eye Surgery Works

How Refractive Eye Surgery Works

Jun 01, 2020

Thanks to technological advancements in eye surgeries, one can now get refractive eye surgery. This surgery is meant to correct the refractive status of the eye. It involves the remodeling of the cornea, eye lens replacement, and lens implantation. This means that there is no need to rely on glasses anymore.

Corrective glasses and lenses help the eye see clearly; however, they have been known to be uncomfortable and may even increase dependency on them, thus making it difficult for the users to see clearly without them. This is the main reason this surgery was put into effect. It helps the eye gain the required abilities to focus.

Errors Corrected by Refractive Eye Surgery

Yorkdale Eye Care performs this type of surgery to help treat the following conditions:


This is farsightedness. Victims are able to clearly see distant objects, but nearer ones are difficult to focus and visualize. This becomes a problem when reading as they may be forced to stretch out their arms and place the book in front of the eyes from a distance since near objects appear blurry.


This is also known as short-sightedness. People with this error are able to clearly see near objects but unable to see distant objects. When trying to read, one may have to move the writings close to the eye for it to be clear. Distant objects become blurry due to the mismatch in the focusing power of the eye.


This condition is when the eye sees multiple images. In this error, distance does not affect sight. At any distance, multiple images will be formed. It becomes challenging to see anything clearly. It occurs as a result of the distorting of the shape of an eye lens or the cornea. In other conditions, people may have a combination of myopia and hyperopia or astigmatism. This can be worse;necessitating a need for refractive surgery is essential.

The above conditions can be as a result of age, or some are born with it. For the young people, the ability of the lens to change size and shape when focusing is high, but as you get older, the lens becomes stiff; thus, changing the shape is difficult.

For refractive errors that occur as a result of age, it is not advised to undergo such surgery. For such conditions, it is better to rely on glasses or other visual aids to help improve eye focus.

Depending on the type of condition, different methods of surgeries can be used to correct the errors. Under the refractive surgery, a particularkind of laser is used; this means that all refractive surgeries have the same procedure.

5 Reasons Why You Need Refractive Eye Surgery

The benefits of having this eye surgery are many. They include the following:

  1. Boosts eye focusing power

The eye focusing power is increased when the surgery is conducted. The ability of the lens to change shape with ease makes it easy for your eye to focus.

  1. It is permanent

Once this surgery has been done, the chances of you visiting a doctor for the same problem are minimal. The operation fix is meant to last long and act as a permanent solution.

  1. Better option

Compared to other corrective methods of the eye, this surgery seems to be the better option as the side effects are minimal.

  1. Fixes many visual errors

The laser used in this surgery helps in fixing other different refractive errors of the eye. This surgery helps reduce complications such as halos, glare, or other night vision problems.

  1. Effective

This surgery is effective in that it has been proved to work well with many conditions. It has led to a reduction in the over-reliance of glasses, which has a number of side effects when used for a long time.

In conclusion, this type of eye surgery is useful in treating several eye conditions. The procedure should be conducted by a qualified optometrist near you.The eye is an integral part of the body, and we take the necessary steps and precautions to ensure successful surgeries. You can book an appointment and make prior preparations for the operation by asking your doctor about what to expect.

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