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How To Choose Contact Lenses?

How To Choose Contact Lenses?

May 01, 2020

Contact lenses are not difficult to wear but can create many problems if you do not choose the right variety for yourself. Presently there are many different options available in the market and the selection can overwhelm you. Learning the benefits and downsides as well as the best uses for every type of contact lens can ease the decision-making process to leave you with the best choice for your eyes.

When choosing contact lenses it is suggested that you visit the reputed optometrist in North York, ON, rather than research for an optometrist near you because you need to make an informed decision for the contact lenses you need. This is because the optometrist near you may not have the experience or the stocks to demonstrate the different options that can help you to make a choice. Therefore how can you go about getting the contact lenses you need?

Get Yourself Assessed to Understand Your Needs

The optometrist offering contact lens in North York, ON, will conduct a thorough examination to determine the strength of your lens and to provide you with a prescription for the contact lenses. He or she will also have you undergo a fitting which is essential to ensure the lenses chosen fit the shape of your eye and are comfortable for your needs.

You will in every likelihood need a couple of follow-up appointments after receiving your lenses. These are generally scheduled a week after you have lenses. Thereafter you will be required to follow after six months or annually.

How Often Do You Plan to Use the Lenses?

Your decision must also consider how often you will be wearing contact lenses. If you plan on wearing them every day you can choose between soft and rigid lenses. On the other hand, if you are planning to wear them only on weekends or special occasions you will be better off with soft lenses. Soft lenses are comfortable for wearing either on a part-time or a full-time basis but rigid lenses must remain in your eyes full-time for additional comfort.

Your Vision Also Matters When Considering Lenses

Contact lenses of all types can correct your vision to give you better clarity than without lenses. If you need a sharp and perfect vision for work consider talking to the optometrist in North York about whether rigid lenses might work better for you as they are generally considered suitable for providing the sharpest vision even for users who have astigmatism.

Can You Provide the Contact Lenses the Care They Need?

You can have a variety of vision problems if you do not care for the lenses which could be in the form of fungal infections, bacterial infections, and corneal ulcers. Regardless of whether you have chosen rigid lenses or soft lenses, you must ensure they are cleaned every day. The only exception is available from disposable lenses that need to be thrown out at the end of the day.

Soft contact lenses need to be replaced daily, weekly, or monthly and therefore the risk of irritations or infections caused by the buildup on the lens is limited. If you are prepared to spend some time taking care of your lenses and maintaining them in good condition you may prefer rigid lenses. Therefore you need to determine carefully whether you can provide the attention needed by the lenses and only make a choice after you have decided and discussed the same with the optometrist.

The Yorkdale Eyecare will recommend that it is also important for you to clean and disinfect the lens to care for them properly irrespective of the kind of lenses you have chosen. It is important to clean and disinfect your lenses because it will help to remove dirt and irritants like bacteria and fungus that could infect your eyes. The lenses must be cleaned every day using fresh contact solution whenever the lenses are removed from your eyes. It is strongly suggested that you do not use home-made cleaning solutions or saliva to wet or clean your lenses before use because it can introduce bacteria into your eyes. Tap water is also a no-go area despite being safe to drink because it may contain microorganisms that are harmful to the eye.

Cleaning your lenses is not the end of the story because you also need to clean the case where you store the lenses. The case also requires attention and must be replaced every three months. Deciding to have contact lenses instead of eyeglasses for any reason may have been an easy choice but choosing your lenses and caring for them will be a challenge must be prepared for. However, if you visit Yorkdale Eyecare you will receive all the education needed about choosing contact lenses and caring for them to keep your eyes and vision safe and healthy.

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