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How to Ensure Your Contact Lenses Fit Perfectly: Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore

How to Ensure Your Contact Lenses Fit Perfectly: Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore

Oct 01, 2023

Why is the right fit important

Picking the right set of contact lenses is an important but sometimes daunting task. Not all lenses are created equal and not all people have the same preference. Understanding your options and what makes you comfortable are necessary steps to ensure both utility and comfort. Our staff is here to help you by providing information and expertise.

The Role of an Optometrist in Contact Lens Fitting

While it can be difficult to discern your needs on your own, our team at Yorkdale Eye Care is ready and able to answer all of your questions and address any concerns. Our optometrist examines your eyes and will diagnose the best fit solution for you personally. Using proven methods and years of experience, we will examine all parts of your eyes and create a customized recommendation that will best serve you.

  • Key Warning Signs Your Contact Lenses May Not Fit Well
  • Blurred Vision: If you are noticing blurry vision, it is time to get your eyes checked.
  • Ongoing Eye Pain: Experiencing pain or discomfort in your eyes is a sure sign that you need to go to an eye doctor near you.
  • Chronic Dry Eyes: If your eyes are always feeling dry or even overly watery, you may be experiencing dry eyes.
  • Contact Lens Drifting: Frequent lens wanderings are common when you have a bad fit.
  • Diminished Peripheral Vision: A shrinking visual periphery shows the misalignment of the lens and cornea.
  • Redness in the Eyes: If your eyes constantly feel red and irritated, it is time to visit Yorkdale Eye Care.
  • Visual Acuity: A Clear Indicator of Proper Lens Fit

In the end what matters is one question. Can I see clearly through my contact lenses? This will affect how you live, work, and do leisure activities. Our eye doctor is able to examine your eyes as a whole and understand your needs based on both testing your eyes and listening to your preferences. Our dedicated staff will walk you through the process one step at a time until you have the fit that best suits you.

Preventing Irritation and Infection Through Proper Fit

Wearing improperly fitted lenses increases the risk of eye irritation and infections. An optimal fit allows for proper tear circulation and oxygen flow, reducing these risks significantly.

Benefits of Regular Check-ups for Contact Lens Wearers

Regular visits to your optometrist in Toronto for check-ups and assessments ensure that your contact lenses continue to fit well. These appointments help detect changes in your eye shape or prescription that might affect the fit.

Contact Lens Fitting and Assessment in North York

Our experienced optometrists prioritize your eye health and comfort. A comprehensive assessment determines the ideal contact lenses for your unique needs. We aim to provide perfectly fit lenses, offering clear vision and all-day comfort.

Proper contact lens fit is critical to maintaining healthy eyes and optimal vision. By recognizing warning signs and seeking professional guidance from optometrists, you can enjoy the benefits of comfortable and well-fitting contact lenses. Remember, your eye health is paramount, so never ignore any discomfort or changes in your vision.

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