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What is the Importance of Pediatric Eye Examination?

What is the Importance of Pediatric Eye Examination?

Nov 01, 2019

The health of your child should start concerning you as soon as they are born. Anything can go wrong at any given moment and spiral into a major medical condition. When it comes to eye health, it is never too early to start pediatric eye examinations in Toronto. If anything and eye exam in Toronto will be a big eye-opener for the health of your child.

When you visit a pediatric eye center, an optometrist in Toronto ON will be in charge of conducting all eye exams on our child. The Toronto eye exams will help assess the health of your child as well as vision. This evaluation will go a long way in ensuring the vision and eye health of your child is great, even from a young age.

What’s the right age for an eye exam?

New mothers may have a hard time figuring out the perfect moment to visit a pediatric eye doctor. While this is expected, there is no shame in asking. Whether or not you find any inconsistencies in the eye performance of your child, consider scheduling for a pediatric exam when your child is between 1 and 2 years. At this stage, the eyes of your child are fully functional. They are also capable of going through the various processes of observation by the doctor. This is especially so if you suspect an inherited eye disease. Otherwise, you can wait it out a little as you closely observe the behaviors of your child.

After the first eye exam, consider visiting the doctor once every two years. This is if there haven’t been any eye problems requiring attention. The check-up will help keep track of the performance of your child’s eye health as they grow up.

What is the importance of a pediatric eye examination?

You may wonder why your fellow parents keep advising you to visit an optometrist in Toronto. No, it is never to get you to spend more money than you should. Those parents are trying to look out for you because only an optometrist near you is equipped enough with advanced training and tools to perform a thorough eye and vision examination on your child. Here are some of the benefits of a pediatric eye exam:

  • To foster essential visual skills

An optometrist in Toronto is better placed at reinforcing several visual skills only our child that you are sited at home. Some of the skills your child needs include, accurate eye movement skills, visual acuity at all distances, comfortable and effortless focusing skills, to mention a few.

  • To identify eye problems in advance

You are not as qualified as an optometrist in Toronto ON to tell when your child has an eye problem. Other than the common symptoms of eye discomforts like itchy eyes and redness, an optometrist in M6A 3A1 can identify any underlying eye problems in a short time. The examination sessions allow for thorough screening to diagnose any eye defects as early as possible.

  • To spot inherited eye diseases

Unless you have a thorough background check of your family, you can never know which diseases are inherited. A pediatric eye exam allows the doctor to identify any genetic mutations and anomalies that might point toward inherited eye diseases.

  • To treat eye problems

There is no way to treat an eye problem without a pediatric eye examination. The exam is where all doctors begin to examine and diagnose a patient. This way, they can determine the perfect treatment for a unique solution.

What are the eye signs to watch out for?

As you schedule an appointment with our eye doctor, it is important to report on any anomalies on your kid’s eye health. Some areas to consider include:

  • Any allergies – if your child has an eye allergy, be sure to highlight it to the doctor
  • Excessive blinking – blinking if good to keep the eyes moist. However, when it is too much, your child may have a problem.
  • Itchy eyes – itchy eyes can be as a result of an allergy or an infection. Talk to the doctor about it.
  • Frequent eye rubbing – whether it is due to itchiness or a bad habit, the doctor should know about it.
  • Failure to maintain eye focus – it could be that your child has a problem focusing.
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