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Comprehensive Eye Examination in North York, ON M6A 3A1

Comprehensive Eye Examination in North York, ON M6A 3A1

It is crucial to have routine eye exams to prevent eye problems and detect ocular disease in the early stages. Annual eye exams at Yorkdale Eyecare are comprehensive exams that include a thorough evaluation of all eye parts and functions. This appointment for eye exam in Toronto will start with a health history review and an update on any current vision concerns. During this yearly or bi-annual visit, your eye doctor in Toronto will then perform the following tests:

  • Visual Acuity : This is the test done by reading a standardized eye chart to assess how well you can see at various distances. Your Yorkdale Eyecare eye doctor will have you recite the letters and numbers using one eye at a time.
  • Ocular Motility : Muscle balance and eye movement are evaluated to look for alignment issues. The eyes’ ability to perform both fast and slow track movements will be tested.
  • Slit Lamp Exam : Your eye doctor in Toronto uses a special microscope to get a more detailed look at the inner and outer parts of the eye. This exam allows Yorkdale Eyecare to closely examine the iris, cornea, eyelids and lens signs of retinal detachment, macular degeneration, cataracts, scars or scratches on the cornea.
  • Tonometry : This is a measure of intraocular pressure to test for glaucoma.
  • Pupil Dilation : At Yorkdale Eyecare, dilating drops are used to enlarge the pupils to allow your eye doctor to get a clearer view of the back of the eye. This includes the retina and the optic nerve. The dilating eye drops usually begin to take effect within 30 minutes and the dilation may last for several hours following your visit. The drops may make your eyes light sensitive, so it is best to wear sunglasses until effect dissipates.
  • Refraction : During your exam, your eyes will be measured for the presence of farsightedness, nearsightedness or astigmatism. If it is determined that you have any of these refractive errors, you will be prescribed corrective lenses (contacts, glasses or both).

Depending on what your Toronto eye doctor discovers during your comprehensive eye exam in Toronto, ON M6A 3A1, Yorkdale Eyecare will determine if any further visits are necessary. Ready to book your appointment? Call our office now, or schedule a visit online today. We proudly serve patients near the areas of Yorkdale Road, Allen Road, Dufferin St, Flemington Road, Lawrence Heights, Ancaster, Winston Park, Lawrence Manor, Yorkdale, and Glen Park. We ensure the best of services for Toronto eye care and our optometrists are trained professionals offering the required treatment and care.

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