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Contact Lens Fitting and Assessment in North  York, ON M6A 3A1

Contact Lens Fitting and Assessment in North York, ON M6A 3A1

Do you often have trouble reading the board during school? Can’t see street signs while driving? Tired of wearing glasses to correct your vision? At Yorkdale Eyecare we are proud to offer contact lens assessments and fittings in Toronto, ON for our patients that are interested in improving their vision without having to wear glasses daily. Not quite sure if contact lenses would be right for you? We’d be happy to provide a consultation. We can discuss the benefits, potential complications and even how to properly insert/wear them. At Yorkdale Eyecare, the optometrist near you gives you a large selection of contact lenses to choose from; whether you are looking for monthly lenses, daily lenses or even contact lenses you can sleep in. In the event you decide contact lenses are not right for you, we have a wide variety of glasses to choose from.

Apart from a regular eye test. you can also get in touch with us at Yorkdale Eyecare even if you’re looking for contact lenses in Toronto.

Toronto Contact Lens Prescriptions

Although you may already have an eyeglass prescription from Yorkdale Eyecare or another eye doctor in Toronto, a contact lens prescription is different. During an examination for contact lenses, your eye doctor will ask various questions about your lifestyle, goals with contact lenses and your ability to properly care for the lenses as well as the health of your eyes. You will also be given a vision test, allowing your optometrist to obtain the perfect prescription for your new lenses.

Toronto Contact Lens Fittings

When it comes to wearing contact lenses to improve your vision, it is important to ensure they fit properly. Contact lenses that don’t fit properly can increase the patient’s risk of various complications, including damage to the eye, worsened vision and in some cases, even blindness. During your contact lens fitting with Yorkdale Eyecare, we’ll make sure that your contact lenses are as comfortable as possible.

Schedule Toronto Contact Lens Assessment Today

Interested in improving your vision with contact lenses in Toronto? Schedule an appointment with Yorkdale Eyecare today to get a contact lens fitting and assessment in Toronto M6A 3A1. We are always happy to see new patients from Yorkdale Road, Allen Road, Dufferin St, Flemington Road, Lawrence Heights, Ancaster, Winston Park, Lawrence Manor, Yorkdale, and Glen Park. Let us get you added to our schedule for your next appointment because we can be the trusted optometrist near you.

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