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Digital Retina Imaging in North York, ON

Digital Retina Imaging in North York, ON

Do you think it’s time to go back and get an appointment with your optometrist? You should be scheduling an appointment about once every year to ensure your eyes are at their ideal and optimal health. At your appointment, your optometrist will go through a series of retinal imaging, or the observation of your eye through photograph and visual identification. Digital retinal imaging is an important aspect of your optometry visit, as it can help identify genetic or degenerative diseases. If you think it’s time to visit an optometrist but don’t have one yet, come to Yorkdale Eyecare in Toronto today to help you on this journey. We happily treat patients from Yorkdale Road, Allen Road, Dufferin St, Flemington Road, Lawrence Heights, Ancaster, Winston Park, Lawrence Manor, Yorkdale, Glen Park, and all across Toronto.

What Can Retinal Imaging Test For?

Retinal imaging is great for the testing of optical damage and possible diseases. Retinal technology and imaging can identify and test for many issues. Some of these problems can include but are not limited to different forms of eye cancer, diabetes, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. All of these, if left undiagnosed, can lead to a lot of pain and harm in the future. To feel safe and secure about your optical health, be sure to get retinal imaging tests completed yearly.

How Does Imaging Work?

Retinal imaging can be a confusing yet intriguing idea. Retinal imaging tests are able to depict and show your optometrist how your blood vessels look. Additionally, imaging can even reach the optic nerve behind your eye. This optic nerve controls your vision. If damaged, you may become vision impaired. It is essential to get retinal imaging tests completed yearly to track the aging of your eyes and ensure that they remain healthy and cancer and disease free.

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Retinal imaging tests are one of the most important parts of preventative eye care. In order to see how healthy your eyes are, you should get tested once a year. This way, you’ll know if there’s a problem with your eyes as fast as possible. If you’re looking for an optometrist who can help you with digital retina imaging in Toronto, ON, look no further! Yorkdale Eyecare is the one stop destination for Toronto eye care and if you are looking for services, then visit us today!

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