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Pediatric Eye Examination in North York, ON

Pediatric Eye Examination in North York, ON

At Yorkdale Eyecare in Toronto, we understand that pediatric eye care is incredibly important. That’s why taking your kids for regular eye exams is very important to their health. Pediatric eye care employs unique methods and advanced technologies to make sure your child’s eyes are accurately assessed.

Experts agree a majority of learning is visual. Therefore, if your child has trouble seeing, this might mean they will have trouble learning. Bearing this in mind, infants are particularly reliant upon their vision. So, preventative care is equally important with infants. For a pediatric optometrist in Toronto, schedule an appointment with us here at Yorkdale Eyecare.

Eye Exams for Infants

A baby’s eyesight gradually evolves during the first few months of their life. What’s more, infants need to center their field of vision and use both eyes in concert. A baby’s brain also requires learning when processing all the information gathered by a new pair of eyes. Additionally, the cornerstone for motor abilities, like crawling and walking, accompany the early stages of sight.

If your infant arrived ahead of schedule or shows signs of delayed development, check with our experienced staff at Yorkdale Eyecare in Toronto. Our highly qualified and knowledgeable crew realizes that catching problem with vision early on is fundamental to your child’s development and we are definitely the best optometrist near you.

Preschoolers (Children Ages 2-5)

It is crucial that Toddlers and preschoolers receive regular check-ups. For starters, this is the age where rapid growth and intellectual development occur. Specifically, fine motor skills develop at this time, along with their hand-eye coordination. Not to mention, this is the period where youngsters begin participating in creative exercises, like art and drawing, which require an acute sense of sight.

Furthermore, this age group often show the first signs of a lazy eye or misaligned eyes. Parents need to understand this is a vital period of development for children, and their eye-care is key to their overall growth.

Eye Exams

Coupled with necessary vision tests, an eye exam looks for problems with focus, peripheral vision, tracking, color-blindness, and binocular vision. Additionally, your optometrist at Yorkdale Eyecare in Toronto examines the surrounding area of the eye to ensure no diseases are present. Of course, you should tell your eye doctor about any pre-existing conditions in your family, and provide a complete history.

If you feel that your child may need a check-up or is currently suffering from sight-related problems, give us a call to schedule a pediatric eye exam in Toronto, ON. Our team serves children from Yorkdale Road, Allen Road, Dufferin St, Flemington Road, Lawrence Heights, Ancaster, Winston Park, Lawrence Manor, Yorkdale, and Glen Park. We’re happy to book an appointment for you and your children and address any concerns.

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