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Switching from Glasses to Contact Lens: What Are the Benefits and Downsides?

Switching from Glasses to Contact Lens: What Are the Benefits and Downsides?

Aug 07, 2020

Do you want to make a switch from glasses to contact lenses? You are not alone for considering doing so but are joining millions of others who also want to get the weight off their nose. Many people prefer contact lenses to correct different types of refractive errors.

Many people are visiting the eye doctor in North York, Toronto, ON, for contact lenses to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism. Contact lenses are useful for treating diseases like keratoconus or damaged cornea because of infection or injury. When deciding to switch from glasses to contact lenses, it would be helpful if you try to understand whether they are suitable for you. You can inquire with contact lenses in North York, Toronto, ON, for samples, which allow you to try out contact lenses for some time for helping you make an informed decision.

Requesting for the samples will ensure you can also weigh the benefits or downsides between contact lenses and glasses. This blog will provide you an overview of what you can expect with contact lenses.

Reasons Why Contact Lenses Are Better and Glasses

Contact lenses are available in the same prescription strength as glasses to give the wearer an entire field of focused vision wherever they are looking. The lenses move with the eyes and therefore help the wearer to track action with direct peripheral vision. When you switch to contact lenses from glasses, you are putting reflections and distortions that you usually experience with glasses behind you.

Wearing daily lenses will keep them free from steaming up or developing water spots. You have a full field of vision without distortions or reflections of light.

Freedom to Lead Active Lifestyles

You are free to lead an active lifestyle like you want because soft contact lenses are lighter and less obtrusive, unlike glasses. They give you the flexibility to move around with greater ease. If you are a participant in contact sports like football or lacrosse, the lenses will not interfere with your protective headgear. Contact lenses are unlikely to bounce up and down or slip off. They will not hold you back by restricting your movement and will leave your nose free from pinches.

If you choose rigid glass permeable contact lenses, the eye doctor in Toronto will perform a thorough examination to understand the specific project requirements you have to help them to determine the best option for your needs. The new varieties of rigid preamble contact lenses allow more oxygen to pass through the eye and can also be used as daily lenses and extended wear options.

Having spoken about the benefits of shifting from glasses to contact lenses, we now provide some downsides of doing so that you must also consider.

The Downsides of Wearing Contact Lenses

Cleaning and disinfecting the contact lenses can be challenging and complicated. The lenses require more care and maintenance than eyeglasses. If the sole objective of getting contact lenses as an alternative to glasses, you can consider other options that are also available to correct the problems you are encountering.

Contact lenses are riskier than glasses because most complications experienced by people are due to poor hygiene and maintenance. You can experience dry eye syndrome, conjunctivitis, and irritation because of oversights in lens care. Some of the problems experienced could be uncomfortable, leading you to wonder whether you have made an informed decision to switch from glasses to contact lenses.

You may be investing a significant sum of money in prescription glasses, especially when you choose premium features like designer frames and progressive lenses. However, contact lenses may also be just as expensive or even more in some cases. The prices depend on many factors and how often the lenses must be replaced. This is a clear sign that contact lenses can be more expensive than prescription eyeglasses.

If you are determined to switch from glasses to contact lenses, you are recommended to visit the eye doctor in North York, Toronto, ON, for an evaluation and an expert view about the type of contacts that will best suit your specific needs. The doctor will not only evaluate your needs but even fulfill them, providing high-quality contact lenses in North York, Toronto, ON.

If you want to get the weight off your nose, you may as well do it after consulting an experienced professional for the best results.

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