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Thealoz Duo® Gel

Thealoz Duo® Gel

(Trehalose 3%, Sodium Hyaluronate 0.15%)

For Longer-lasting Tear Film Thickness

Clinically proven, Thealoz Duo® Gel builds on the benefits of Thealoz Duo®, adding carbomer, a polymer that enables longer-acting dispersion of the therapeutic ingredients.

For Patients With Persistent Dry Eye Symptoms

This gel formula complements Thealoz Duo® for daytime and nighttime use. While compatible with all types of contact lenses, lenses must be removed before use of Thealoz Duo® Gel and should not be reinserted until 30 minutes after use.

Packaged in individual minims, Thealoz Duo® Gel:

  • Stabilizes tear film thickness for 6 hours3
  • Demonstrated a statistically significant improvement in tear film stability and ocular discomfort, compared to sodium hyaluronate after cataract surgery4
  • Restores normal osmotic balance
  • Provides bioprotection and osmoregulation to relieve dry eyes
  • Hypotonic

Preservative & Phosphate Free

$ 29.99
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