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What are Prescription Sunglasses: Importance & Benefits

What are Prescription Sunglasses: Importance & Benefits

Jan 01, 2023

Prescription sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory. They can protect the skin surrounding the eyes from premature aging. Sunglasses are handy when you spend a lot of time outdoors. Whether it is a trip to the beach or an afternoon drive, sunglasses are important for anyone to have. Why wouldn’t you want your sunglasses to have your prescription lenses?

You can get designer prescription sunglasses near you. Also, you can get prescription sunglasses in North York, Toronto, at Yorkdale Eye Care. You can book an appointment if you need the sunglasses to help your vision during sunny days. Prescription sunglasses have many benefits for anyone with minor vision problems to consider them.

Importance & Benefits of prescription sunglasses

  • Blocking harmful ultraviolet rays – By blocking the harmful UV rays, the sunglasses protect the body from diseases such as cataracts, eyelid skin cancer, corneal sunburn, and age-related macular degeneration. Also, they protect the skin around the eyes from premature aging. They ensure your vision is unhindered in the bright sunlight since they block 100% of the UV rays.
  • Vision correction – Prescription sunglasses help you to see clearly in any light. They are ideal for people with common eye problems such as myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism. These glasses help you to enjoy clear vision whether it’s a sunny day or not.
  • No glare – When traveling, particularly during driving, it’s common to experience glare. The reflection of sun rays from surfaces such as the hood of vehicles, snow, or water causes it. Glare can be painful when driving as it can cause discomfort and eye strain. By using prescription sunglasses, you dive on the safe side.
  • Versatility – Sunglasses are versatile because you only require one pair of glasses to be stylish and protected under one frame. You don’t have to carry multiple eye lenses, especially when traveling.
  • Personalization – Prescription sunglasses are easily personalized to suit your needs and preferences. You have unlimited options, such as anti-scratch, polycarbonate, polarized, or photochromic lenses. You can get personalized sunglasses at an eye clinic in North York, Toronto.
  • Wide pool of lenses – Sunglasses come with a broad selection of hues. The red tint is ideal for road users since it improves visibility and depth perception. Brown is popular for general use since it provides the broadest light spectrum protection. Gray is suitable for bright environments such as the beach. Yellow lenses add a percentage of contrast to both indoor and outdoor environments. Lastly, blue lenses enhance color perception and reduce glare simultaneously.
  • Diverse Frame styles – You get to choose the frame color of your liking, just like the lenses. You can choose from many different designs from multiple designers to find the perfect pair for you. To help pick the right frame, pay attention to the optician’s recommendations.
  • One Solution – You get all solutions in one frame. They protect you from harmful UV rays and protect against dust. Also, prescription lenses are already in the lenses and thus you can see the world with clear vision.


Prescription sunglasses are ideal for any person who wants to have versatile eyewear they can use in any situation. They ensure that your eyes remain safe while you enjoy crisp, clear vision. You also get 100% UV and anti-glare protection in the same package when working outdoors. You get to choose from various colors, designs, and lenses. You get eye protection and look great at the same time.

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