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Why Do Doctors Examine Your Eyes with a Light?

Why Do Doctors Examine Your Eyes with a Light?

Jul 16, 2019

From allergies to autoimmune diseases comes with ocular symptom first. Red eyes, discharge, itching or visual changes make uncomfortable which takes place inside the eyes and can go unnoticed.

It is important for adults to get an eye exam every 2 years. This will help in identifying any possible systemic diseases.

Here are a few whole-body conditions that can be determined by looking at this special organ-

1. Stroke

It is the loss of brain function which is caused by an interruption of blood flow due to a clot or the breaking of blood vessels.

Optometrist in Toronto ON finds the diagnosis on the basis of symptoms and medical history.

2. Hypertension

It is also known as high blood pressure which puts extra strain on the vascular system. If left unchecked, it can lead to a heart attack or stroke and loss or blur of vision.

Optometrist in Toronto sees the changes within the blood vessels at the back of the eye in the retina, such as leakages or appearance of the vessels.

3. Diabetes

It is caused due to the damage of the blood vessels in the retina. A diabetic patient should get the eyes checked yearly.

Optometrist in Toronto checks if there is any damage to tiny blood vessels in the retina due to high blood sugar levels.

4. Multiple Sclerosis

It is an autoimmune disorder which affects vision, sensation, balance, strength, coordination and other body functions.

Optometrist in Toronto ON identifies this condition if there are inflammation and swelling of the optic nerve. The patient may also experience dimming of vision, changes in color sensitivity and pain with eye movements.

5. Hormonal changes

Hormones play an important role in the health of the eyes. Optometrist in M6A 3A1 may identify ocular redness, ocular surface inflammation and dryness on the surface of the eye.

The patient may complain of blurry vision, burning and irritation.

To determine all the above diseases, doctors look in your eyes with the light. Find an optometrist near you if you feel uncomfortable with eyes.

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